Cat Vando:

We work toward the humane management and reduction of street cats, stray and feral, through a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program. We work with communities to address the issue of street cats, provide support to cat care givers and use the opportunity to teach respect for all of life and can help to counteract violence at it’s core. A Cook County Sponsoring Agency.

Works with individuals, communities and municipalities to perform and coordinate TNR efforts.
Provides education about TNR, free roaming cats and even cat deterrents.
Provides assistance and equipment for TNR for yard or neighborhood cats.
Assists and encourages getting indoor cats (and dogs) spayed or neutered and vaccinated and connects to low cost spay/neuter, vaccination clinics.
Feeds multiple colonies, while seeking and educating feeders or ‘Colony Managers’.
Works with youth groups, churches, and mentoring groups to build cat shelters.
Contact Us: 708-829-6013

Friends of Scales:

Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue (FoS) is an Illinois based reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate not for profit rescue dedicated to the care of ill, injured, neglected, and unwanted herpetiles. FoS is a foster based rescue with a strong drive for education and prevention of abuse and neglect. We have NO paid staff, all their time is being donated out of their own generosity! FoS wouldn’t exist without volunteers from the President down to our fosters!

Friends of Scales works closely with two veterinary clinics that examine and treat every animal that comes through our doors regardless of “healthy” outward appearances. These services are paid for by FoS Board members and generous donations from the public.

We are a registered Illinois non-profit and 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue was created after seeing a real need in the reptile community from owners and keepers who were unable to care for their sick, injured, or unwanted pets. Working with exotic animal hospitals has given FoS a unique opportunity to ease the worry some owners face about the future care of their pets.

FoS understands that things happen outside of your control. We also understand that reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates are members of families and that the need to relinquish these family members should not be stigmatized. FoS will work alongside relinquishing owners to keeping privacy as a number one priority.

Contact Us: 847-867-0936