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How did you find out about GCPP?

How many years have you been coming to GCPP?

How far did you travel to attend GCPP? (Ex: 40 miles or 2 hours)

How many people where in your party?

Did you take a program? If so was it helpful?

How do you get your current information about GCPP?

Did you know our website has an community event calendar and that you can submit your local Pagan events there?Would you use the calendar to learn about local events?

What is best way for your to receive information about the event?

How would you rate your overall experience of the day 1-10? 1 being poor 10 being amazing.

Did you buy a raffle ticket or visit our book sale? If so please share your experience?

Did you attend a workshop? If so what class/es did you attend and what were your thoughts on the it? If not, why?

Did you watch any of the entertainers? If so which one/es and what were your thoughts?

Did you purchase from any of the food vendors?If so from whom and what were your thoughts?

Did you attend either of the rituals?If so which one and what were your thoughts??

Did you know about our Food drive as your entrance cost?

What was your favorite experience at the event?

What was your least favorite experience at the event?

Would you like us to sell swag/souvenirs? If so what kind of items are you interested in?

What would you like to see next year?

Please share any feedback/comments/suggestions/improvements that you may have.

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What speakers/teachers/entertainers/elders would you like to see at GCPP?

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